Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Doctor

The clinic called me at the end of the day on Monday, to ask if we wanted to bump our appointment up to Wednesday morning. Of course!

I know it's ridiculous, but I was so nervous/anxious/excited on Wednesday morning. I had an upset stomach and could barely eat breakfast. I changed my outfit twice. Isn't that silly?

Anyway, finally it was 11 am and time for our appointment, and I met B over there to meet with Dr. F. We were in his office for 50 minutes! He kind of summarized the situation so far, including that we've never had absolute confirmation that the Clomid did anything perfect, since we've never had a good ultrasound. So, I'll finish this cycle (day 15 today- no ovulation yet) and then start Femara/Letrozole for next cycle. My 5th cycle of Clomid will be my last.

Also, we'll do an HCG test (an x-ray to check for anatomy problems). Since we'll be in Mexico and Chicago at the beginning of next cycle, we'll do that at the end of January (start of cycle 7). He also did an ovarian reserve test, although I think I've already had that test (but no records in my file). I'm going for an ultrasound around day 14 of the first Femara cycle (around January 4th) and a week later I'll meet with Dr. F again about the results, and how I am doing on Femara. If things look good, I'll stay on it up to 3 months.

If things don't look good on Femara, I'm going to talk to him about IVF. I feel like it might be time. Or at least, just a couple of tries with injectables. But from my research, IVF might be the way to go. As he said, this really is messing with my life plans. It'll have been a year by the time I meet with him in January. I'm ready to move on.

So, overall the appointment went as well as can be expected. B and I both like this new doctor. And then, last night he CALLED me AT HOME at 8:00 pm! "Just to see if I had any questions or had come up with any since our meeting." I was shocked. 8 pm and he's calling his patients to "check in"?? Wow. I think, for the first time, I can say that I love my doctor.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Waiting (What Else is New)

Friday was a very disappointing day. I had been counting down the days all week, eagerly anticipating the doctor's appointment. Friday morning I was very nervous and excited and I wore a cute dress and off B and I went.

Well, we checked in at the clinic and were told that my new doctor had a family emergency and so-and-so would see us instead. Um, NO. The whole reason I was there was to see THIS doctor, who I've met before and comes highly recommended. I hate my old doctor and I'm not trying someone else random again.

[Note: today, I looked up this "other" doctor and found she's not even a full-time faculty member! She's a SECOND YEAR fellow! Which means she's only been doing RE for like a year and a half! WTF!?!?]

So, the earliest we could be rescheduled is for this Friday- which is day 16, and probably after I'll have ovulated. So that sucks, but what can I do? I am on the waitlist in case Dr. F has any cancellations, so I'm hoping that will happen.

I was really, really disappointed and now I'm having to wait a whole more week. I was also really pissed that they didn't call me on Friday morning to let me know my doctor wouldn't be available. I mean, they charge me $70 if I don't show up, so they could have at least called and told us and we wouldn't have gone all the way over there. That's why they make phones, right?

Anyway, back to waiting, and dealing with a steadily increasing amount of hot flashes and bad mood swings. I cry at least every other day and it's pretty much the pits. Well, four more days.